Pearl Jam (w/ Midlake) – American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

Friday, Nov. 15th, 2013 at American Airlines Center

Pearl Jam w/ Midlake perform at American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX | Copyright 2013 - North Texas Live!Pearl Jam was in top form Friday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX, with Denton, Texas’s own Midlake opening the show in support of their new album ‘Antipithon‘.

Forming in the very early 90’s from the remains of Green River and Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam have been “rockin’ the free world” consistently for 23 years now. Many critics claim that Pearl Jam aren’t “relevant” anymore (try telling that to the 18,000-plus fans in attendance!), but I don’t think relevancy is measured by how many “hit” songs you have playing on the radio, I think it’s measured by what you accomplish, and the difference you make in the lives other people.

Since the beginning Pearl Jam have actively campaigned for important issues that affect us all, from political discourse, to environmental causes. They have also held many benefit concerts to assist people suffering from hunger, and displaced by natural disasters. Eddie Vedder has also advocated the release of ‘The West Memphis 3‘ (of which, Damien Echols helped write the song “Army Reserve”, on Pearl Jam’s 8th self-titled album). All the while creating the music they WANT to create, and remaining true to themselves. So I would say they are as much relevant now as they ever were, if not more so.

Pearl Jam’s tenth and latest album ‘Lightning Bolt‘, was released on October 15, 2013 and produced by longtime associate, Brendan O’Brien, and contains the following songs: “Getaway”, “Mind Your Manners”, “My Father’s Son”, “Sirens”, “Lightning Bolt”, “Infallible”, “Pendulum”, “Swallowed Whole”, “Let the Records Play”, “Sleeping by Myself”, “Yellow Moon”, “Future Days”.

Photos: Daniel Work / Staff Photographer

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