Viva Dallas Burlesque (Curiouser and Curiouser) – Lakewood Theater – Dallas, TX

Friday, August 6th, 2010 at Lakewood Theater

(Note: some of the images below may not be suitable for sensitive, or younger viewers)
Curioser & Curioser
 was the theme for Viva Dallas Burlesque’s production at Lakewood Theater Friday night. Hosted by MC Patti Le Plae Safe with Perle Noire headlining, along with local favorites Miss Malicious & Angi B Lovely (of the Lollie Bombs), Glam Amour (of Bewitching Burlesque), Frostine Shake, Divertida Divotchka, Femme Vivre LaRouge, and Lala Va Luna.

Photos: Daniel Work / Staff Photographer, Nicolette Work / Staff Photographer

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